Monday, December 10, 2012

Some Questions on anti-aging

Kavita from  had two questions for me .

QHi Dr Bhana.. I have a question regarding botox. If one gets botox done in their forehead, specifically for their frown lines, will they still be able to move their eyebrows and create expression using their eyebrows or is the muscle movement lost? (not sure if I'm using the right lingo but hope you understand what I'm asking)

Hi Kavita - if done properly with a good understanding of art , technique , dosage, muscle movement and anatomy your eyebrows should still be able to move and you should be able to create expression. The aim is to be natural and to avoid the "frozen look". Also each patient needs an individualized treatment plan - there is no 1 size fits all and it also depends on what they want but very few want a "stiff look" . The aim with non-surgical aesthetics is to keep people guessing - to look great and rejuvenated without looking " done". I hope that answers the question?

Q:I also have another question regarding anti-againg products. Many of them are quite pricey so if we're gonna be spending money on them it should be worth it. What are your views on anti-aging creams/products and to what extent do they 'work' or not work and at what age should a person start with anti-aging products.

One of the most important topical anti- aging measures you can employ is the religious,daily use of a broad spectrum (UVA plus UVB ) sunscreen with an SPF of  at least 30 . A bonus is if the Sunscreen product also has anti-oxidant ( such as Vitamin C, Astaxanthin ,pycnogenol)

Ingredients to look out for in anti-aging creams include Peptides, Epidermal Growth Factor , Hyaluronic acid , Retinoids, topical anti-oxidants and alpha -hydroxy acids.Topical skincare is important in your anti-aging arsenal and supports in-salon/spa treatments but not always the most expensive is the best. What age can you start -Between the age of 25 and 30. 

Avoid skin care lines with outrageous claims that tout near instant results. 

Not all anti-aging creams are created equal

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