Thursday, October 31, 2013

Peri-oral wrinkles : A challenging area to treat

So many people have this problem of barcode lines (sometimes called Smoker’s lines)
Smoker's lines or lip wrinkles need combination treatment because the cause is a combination of factors - loss of volume, muscle hyperactivity, smoking and habits such as lip biting . Multiple treatments over a long period may be necessary before achieving the desired result.- this is especially true in severe cases
Despite what many people believe, smoker's lines or vertical lines above the upper lip are quite common regardless of whether or not someone smokes. This muscle is quite strong and constricts the lips - appearence of tightly pursed lips. I usually recommend a treatment plan that combines more than one modality. Using small doses of Botox will help relax one aspect of the underlying problem--an overactive muscle
Using cosmetic dermal fillers is a nice option with or without Botox and offers more longevity. An excellent filler to use is the iconic Restylane Vital Pen Injector. The technique for fillers above the vermillion border is important to provide a natural, appealing appearance. Chemical Peels as well as Medical micro needling is also an excellent treatment to improve the texture of the skin. This area benefits from combination treatment.

Also it is important to restore volume to the actual lip and peri-oral area using dermal fillers such as Restylane and Perlane

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