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Watch this Shocking Video!

Botox Kits on the Internet - are people crazy?
The Internet makes it easy for people to sell and buy whatever their hearts desire  .But sites such as eBay have  been caught out for selling things that no person in their right mind should ever consider buying online DIY Botox, Dermal filler and Chemical Peel kits. One of these DIY kits appeared on the auction site, complete with the necessary needles and a facial map so that you know where to inject the Botox, for just £62.

It would be total madness not only to buy drugs (poisons, in fact) from an unregulated source, but also to attempt to inject them yourself without training. 

If you want to get hold of some of this powerful toxin, it’s frighteningly easy. Google‘buy Botox’  a and you’ll find plenty of people willing to sell you the stuff, and other drugs. It’s estimated that around 600,000 people in the UK are gullible enough to buy drugs online every year – and we’re not talking about bona fide pharmacy sites. There are currently over 2000 websites offering prescription only drugs and toxic substances like Botox and facial fillers for sale to anyone who has a credit card...with no regulation or medical guidance. Strangely enough I've also noticed that people buy it online from so-called 'Canadian Pharmacies"

If you order one of the DIY Botox kits, you’ll get needles, some saline to mix up with the Botox powder, and a ‘handy facial map’ that will show you where you need to inject yourself. 

If you’re putting the Botox in other areas of the face or neck, problems could include impairing your speech and having difficulty with swallowing. In America there have even been deaths from wrongly administered Botox.

It’s not just bad application that makes DIY Botox so dangerous, though. In America, there have been reports of people ending up in intensive care after using illegally obtained Botox, given in the wrong doses. You have no idea if it’s actually Botox you’re buying, whether the doses are correct, or if it’s sterile.Don’t risk your health with DIY Botox

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bollywood hollywood lookalikes

No magic here -How do cosmetics change colour on skin.

Can cosmetics like Smashbox's O-glow somehow detect your natural skin tone or even your emotional state and then adjust their colour to match? uh... NO. So how does it work?

1. Ingredients that change color with pH/solubility

A colourant known as “Red 27,” a red dye which is colourless when dissolved in a waterless base. When it comes in contact with moisture, the change in solubility and pH causes the dye to turn bright pink. The product appears to change with your personal chemistry because the colour changes when it comes in contact with moisture can come from your skin, or even just the humidity in the air.

2. Encapsulated colors
Some products use colourants that are coated with waxy or gel-like ingredients and suspended in an uncoloured base. When the product is rubbed into your skin the friction breaks open the dye capsules releasing the colour. The product appears to change with your personal chemistry because the more your rub in the colour, the more is released

3. Skin protein reaction
Products that provide a “natural tan glow” work by using an ingredient called “dihydroxyacetone” or DHA. This chemical reacts with the keratin protein in the upper layers of your skin, staining them a light orangish-brown colour. The product appears to change with your personal chemistry because it uses low levels of DHA that provides a very gradual change in skin colour. The more you use, the more pronounced the “glow” effect is.

Lip Augmentation Spotlight

One word - Hyaluronidase

Slightly Asymmetrical upper lip

oh no!

Before lip Faux Pas

Tarina Patel , South- African -model-turned -Bollywood-actress, although very pretty she has a made a major faux pas with her lip augmentation. Hopefully it was done with  temporary gold-standard,well-researched hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane or Juvaderm.

I favour the Paris Lip technique where the Cupid's Bow and Lip Shape is accentuated and if you want that whole Miami Beach Look remember less is more. Sexy ,Pouty Bee-stung lips are not everted and carp-like.

But how amazing is her 2011 Voila Cover
Love this !

The non-surgical Boob Lift - The BOTOX Breast Lift

The effects of gravity can be cruel Even with a well-fitting, supportive bra, the ravages of time combined with breastfeeding and yo-yo dieting conspire to make once pert and firm breasts go droopy. In the past to remedy this  a woman who wanted a breast lift had only one option: a major surgery known as a mastopexy.
Now, a new treatment — the Botox breast lift — is available. This new treatment promises instant results with no permanent side-effects and no recovery time.

Pioneered by a Thai dermatologist, the botox breast lift was first presented at the 2009 World Conference of Cosmetic and Anti-ageing Medicine in Monte Carlo. 

The technique is now being used by anti-ageing specialist Dr Cecilia Tregear at the Wimpole Skin Care Centre in London’s Harley Street. ‘Injecting Botox in specific areas around the breasts tones and lifts the skin,’ she says.
‘It shapes the breasts, giving them volume and ironing out wrinkles caused by sun damage on the decolletage.’
Unlike similar Botox procedures, the technique involves injecting the botulinum toxin into the skin of the breasts and the surrounding area, not into the deeper muscles.
This, she believes, makes it more effective and less painful. The muscles aren’t ‘frozen’ and there’s no loss of sensation.
First, a local anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the skin, then Botox is injected all around and under the breasts. Dr Tregear says: ‘It’s important to inject all around the breast, from the front of the chest right up to the armpits. This allows the lifting of both breast tissue and fat.
‘Some small doses of Botox are also injected around the areola (the coloured part surrounding the nipple) to help with wrinkles and to boost a droopy nipple.’
There are no reported side effects. ‘There’s no pain, no bruising (?) and no downtime,’ says Dr Tregear. ‘You can put on your clothes and go straight back to work afterwards.
‘Due to the fact that the injections are intradermal (into the skin) and the doses used are a lot less than the ones used for armpit hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), I haven’t seen any side-effects, apart from the obvious ones that occur as a result of giving an injection, such as redness and potential risk of infections. But this applies to any treatment involving needles.’
So how exactly does the  anti-wrinkle jab defy gravity?
The injection of Botox lifts the breast by contracting the small muscles in the skin and fibres, which tones up the skin.
Results are instantaneous, but the lifting and smoothing effects reach their optimum level a few days after the injection. For best results, patients are advised to have a top-up within three weeks of the first treatment, although this may not be necessary.
Dr Tregear says patients should expect to have fuller-looking breasts with smoother and neater-looking nipples and areolas. Breasts will be lifted by up to two centimetres and the increase in volume is about 10 per cent.

The results last for an average of six months — after which patients   need to have it again — but it varies from person to person.
‘Some patients have a better response to Botox than others,’ says Dr Tregear. ‘There are important factors to take into account, such as exercising chest muscles, and not smoking, which make the results last longer.

But the procedure is not without its critics. Patrick Mallucci, a consultant plastic surgeon and member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, is one.
‘Botox is used to inhibit muscle contraction, therefore smoothing the skin, but it does not serve to enlarge, lift or rejuvenate the breast,’ he says.
‘It is not designed to do this and it is misleading to state otherwise.’
And the bad news is that it won’t work with larger breasts. For woman over a 34C, this technique will not be effective. ‘The breast lift is most appropriate for women with small, sagging breasts,’ says Dr Tregear. ‘Large, saggy breasts are too heavy and so can’t be done with this technique.’

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plastic Surgery in Bollywood

Ancient India: The Birthplace of Plastic Surgery

Indian Method of Rhinoplasty
"The Indian Method of Rhinoplasty," which involved cutting skin from the forehead or cheek, was kept secret for centuries in India

Most historians agree that the first recorded account of reconstructive plastic surgery on the living is found in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts. These texts describe procedures to repair noses and ears that were lost either as punishment for crimes (such as adultery) or in battle. Hindu surgeon Sushruta, working near the modern-day city of Varanasi described the “attached flap” method of plastic surgery in his 600 B.C. text Sushruta Samhita. The procedure involves reconstructing the nose by cutting skin from either the cheek or forehead, twisting the skin skin-side-out over a leaf of the appropriate size, and sewing the skin into place. To keep the air passages open during healing, two polished wooden tubes would be inserted into the nostrils. This method became known as the “Indian Method of Rhinoplasty” and was kept secret for centuries in India.

Back in the day, when I was a young, impressionable sprout (even until relatively recently actually) I believed that all these Bollywood actresses looked the way they do because they just did. Perfect and glamourous. Yes,  Shilpa Shetty admitted to a nose job back in the 90s already but I thought "oh well, it's just her!" but it's seems that everyone has had some rhinoplasty. That and Botox, fillers and cosmetic surgery! I find their transformations amazing!

The obsession with beauty is not only rooted in the Indian film industry, but in Indian culture, itself.  India rivals Venezuela when it comes to grooming contestants for beauty pageants.  It is a national obsession. In fact, beauty watching probably comes ahead of watching movies as a national pastime in the country.

Urmila now, facial fillers, lip augmentation, Cheek Fillers, chemical peels and Botox

Urmila back in the day

Maillaika Arora Khan - lip augmentation

Sonakshi Sinha - nose job

Priyanka Chopra - rhinoplasty, fillers and skin lightening?

Rani - Nose

Preity Zinta - an original bits left? Whatever, she does look good

Sushmita - Breast implants!

Ayesha Takia - Ridiculous Breast implants!

Malaika Sherawat- implants

Kangana Ranaut- Botox plus nose

Saif and a bit of Botox

Shahid Kapoor and Rhinoplasty

Kareena, Manisha Lamba, Sushmita, Koena Mitra

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa again
Gauri Khan- Botox , hair extensions

Gauri Khan

Bipasha Basu- implants


A hair weave! #ShockHorror!

Just an example of Beyonce's weave

Karishma Kapoor


Aishwayra - The 80s - Don't judge - Every one has
cringe-worthy photos from the 80s


Sri Devi

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