Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Terrible Child Botox Story!

From The SUN newspaper

Ouch! Threading your eyebrows are bad enough but this!
Picture from The SUN newspaper

Markings? How strange are these injection sites? One wrong move and she'll hit her Zygomaticus major!
Pictures From the SUN Newspaper

10 year old Willow Smith
Seven year old Bree Evans is another victim in the crazy world of child pageants.The primary age schoolgirl is injected with “Botox ”  and Fillers by her mother Sharon every two months as well as her eyebrows enhanced with tattoo ink.
The single mum, 33, uses the dangerous (in untrained hands) cosmetic procedures because she is desperate for her daughter to be famous.
She wants her to be as successful as chart-topping American child actress Willow Smith, ten - daughter of Hollywood couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. They’re absolutely obsessed with Willow Smith!
Sharon, who took a beautician's course several years ago, buys the Botox and fillers online and injects them into Bree's face herself. She tattooed on her daughter's eyebrows after learning how to do it from an ex-boyfriend who was a professional tattooist (yes and cosmetic tattoo ink is different from normal tattoo ink you daft woman!).
"To be a superstar you have to be different and highly styled. That is why I am doing this. She is my child and this is my decision - it will help shape her for the rest of her life." So says this British mum
Alarmingly, Sharon - who now lives with Bree in San Diego, California - claims giving girls as young as seven Botox and fillers is "all the rage" in America.
"Take Willow Smith - she always looks camera ready, wears designer clothes, has a stylist and wears make-up and hair extensions. It's got her global stardom. Bree is going to be bigger and more successful than Willow.” OMW! "It will also save her money on make-up and cosmetic procedures in the future."

Sharon got the idea to give Bree the procedures last year, after hearing other mothers talking about it at castings for beauty pageants and modelling jobs for their daughters. "I heard some parents gossiping about giving their daughters Botox instead of putting layers of make-up on them. They said it made their kids' skin look more radiant and it saved them a fortune in make-up products. “
Sharon contacted 15 doctors to inject Bree with Botox. They all refused but told her there was no law stopping her doing it, as she had previously trained as a beautician. Botox and fillers are self-regulated in Britain and in the States, which means it is not illegal to inject them into someone so young. She soon discovered that she could easily buy Botox and fillers via the internet. Sharon says: "I bought three 2ml vials of Botox solution, clean syringes and three filler injections for £250.I also went online and bought a starter Botox kit for £150.” Allergan would never sell Botox online! Ipsen and Galderma wouldn’t sell Dysport online coe to think of it. You get loads of fake ,dangerous products online! Is this woman crazy ?
"I had done a 12-week beautician's course four years ago so that knowledge helped. But I also read up on the internet about injecting fillers and Botox through forums and websites."  Twelve weeks! The Somotology course is 3-4 years!

"Then I told her what I was going to do and that if she wanted to be like Willow Smith she'd have to get noticed. Although she was scared she was also very excited about looking like a star.” What is this thing with Willow Smith? Bree says: "I love my eyebrows and having Botox. Some of the girls at school say it's wrong but they are just stupid and jealous. Most of my friends think it's really cool and want it done too. They know that I'm going to be a superstar, like Willow Smith."

Sharon, an office manager, plans to increase Bree's beauty regime to the next level in a year's time - by tattooing a thin, pink line around her young daughter's lips.

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  1. these stories are crazy!

  2. All these stories amaze me because it's unbelievable how a mother can do such a thing to her child....and for what? to win a beauty contest or something....Someone should teach them a lesson because they could start a trend and that's definitely not recommended....

  3. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing....


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