Friday, March 7, 2014

The Cheese Sandwich : think before you dunk.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I love Cheese Sandwiches - I'm sure most people do. Those buttery,creamy squares of heaven. They make the most superb dip-a-ables. Tasting great dunked in masala tea/cha or Jacobs coffee . I think that they are a go to staple and maybe for some people a quick, on-the-run snack. I see even Woolies have cottoned on and are making a cheese and onion version. The Grilled Cheese sandwich pics are the most pinned pictures on Pinterest. Food porn gets back to basics.

Recently I have been seeing  Catherine Kahts from the Mindful Eating Dietician Consultancy(this is a whole other blog post). At one of our consults she went through the hidden calories/energy in food. She often equates this energy as slices of bread so the idea is more tangible. Besides the two slices of bread that make up the delectable cheeza ,the energy -dense cheese and butter yum -bomb equate to 10 slices of bread (2 tablespoons of butter plus two tablespoons of cheese). Oh my hat!  I had such fond memories of this childhood staple so lovingly toasted and prepared by my mum.

  My sister goes to her too and she said that a plate of chips (dinner -sized) equals a whopping 18 slices of bread . This is before any tomato ketchup which has- I believe - 1 teaspoon of sugar to every tablespoon of ketchup.

Catherine is amazing at what she does .  Catherine Kahts (BSc Psych&Biochem (RAU), Hons Psych (UJ), B.Diet (UP)) and Philippa Bredenkamp (BSc Psych and Physiology (UCT), B.Diet (UP)),  have accumulated over 15 years of study. The focus is on Psychology and Dietetics with the aim of fusing the two fields into an integrated focus on effective intervention at a nutritional level. So it isn't just diet , but about being more mindful of your choices and getting to the bottom of why we do things . Catherine provides support as well as education as she guides you through your goals ( so I have to just work on listening to her).

So be mindful of what you choose to nom on - it may not look like much (like the cheese sandwich in the picture but it can) but it can pack a caloric punch.
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