Monday, December 23, 2013

Gelish Nails : What took me so long?

I recently tried Gelish at the Sorbet in Glenvista on my feet and hands. I was a bit reluctant as I didn't like that I couldn't remove it and also a bit nervous about damage to my natural nail . Simphiwe, my go-to-gal at Sorbet, was quite honest and answered all my questions regarding the treatment. I decided to just go ahead and do it .Best decision ever (*said in my best suburban drawl) .I use my hands quite a bit and I am constantly washing them so when I do get a mani ( I prefer Essie) the nail polish chips in no time. Two weeks and these Gelish nails are still going strong. 

Simphiwe (my Sorbet Angel) does an exceptional job and is very neat and thorough. I couldn't decide what to do with the colours and the "smartie" effect was suggested (secretly I was wondering if I could do it). 

This went well with my daughter's first birthday party theme and it just makes me feel very festive.

When I was younger - at school and on campus - I used to go crazy with colours and styles. Within reason . . . and sometimes with out reason. In my second year I used to wear these purple snakeskin pants - who does that? Well I wore them and never felt self conscious. Don't get me wrong I was stylish ( no need to pack me off to TLC's "How do I look?" ). Just lately I think I have become quite boring with clothes and with colours. So with these nails I though "What the hell hey?".  
Even my husband remarked that I have become too uptight and high strung. 

Here's to reclaiming a bit of my old self.

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