Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Filler on the Market - Stylage

A new dermal filler that fights free radicals hits Britain - Stylage by Vivacy,  the first Hyaluronic Acid filler cross linked with Mannitol, an t antioxidant found in fruits and veggies that fights the negative effects of free radicals . It claims to reduce the risk of bruises and swelling. Duration is said to be 6-12 months.
Laboratoire Vivacy® is a European company based in France which designs, produces and distributes sodium hyaluronate (NaHa) based products.
hyaluronic the Stylage® product range was created for the hydration and treatment of facial wrinkles and flaws in the skin. The result of advanced technology, Stylage® is a new absorbable hyaluronic acid-based single-phase product cross-linked using the IPN like technology concept.
Its design, the choice of raw materials and the exceptional and expert way it is manufactured, make Stylage® a unique product, with excellent biocompatibility.


Interpenetration of cross-linked networks makes it possible to:
  • Optimize the density of chemical nodes within the single phase gel, generating long lasting effect.
  • Preserve the independence of these networks, ensuring an easy and regular injection for more accuracy and perfect insertion into the dermis, giving an immediate smoothing effect and beautiful skin.


Products in the Stylage® range are proven to be biocompatible in accordance with international standard ISO 10993.
Optimization of the gel’s structure using IPN- Like® technology generates a product with equivalent effectiveness for a smaller amount of cross-linking agent.
Furthermore, the presence of an antioxidant makes it possible to reduce the intensity of inflammatory post-injection reactions and ensure a long lasting effect of over 12 months.
Based on a unique manufacturing procedure that takes advantage of the latest scientific and biological advances, STYLAGE® is “the” new filling gel containing reticulated hyaluronic acid.
The IPN-Like® Technology, the presence of a natural antioxidant and the specifications for the STYLAGE® product range ensure that its use is safe and efficient.
Its tolerance, purity and efficiency make STYLAGE® the first injectable intradermal remodelling antioxidant hyaluronic acid gel.

I still prefer Restylane, the first HA dermal filler to gain FDA approval and the most widely researched filler out there. Restylane and Juvederm , are presently the the two top fillers out there with loads of clinical research to back them up


  1. Have you tried this one?? I am a aesthetic practitioner too..we use juvederm in our clinic but we recently had a the oportunity to buy this product but it is not very used in our country so i would like to know your opinion about it

  2. I haven't tried it yet , I use mostly Restylane and very little Teosyal. Doesn't Juvederm Hydrate have mannitol in it ? So I would find no need to use this ?

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