Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cappuccino Chronicles - Fego Cafe

The hubby and I didn't really feel like driving very far but really wanted to get out for a bit yesterday (Friday the 13th!). So we popped off to the Glen and decided on Fego (Ulterior Motive of Sneaking into the adjoining Exclusive Books). Great service at the Fego, relaxed but not slack. Yummy, strong coffee and great Bagels.

The Cappuccino and The Coffee Shake

Some bagels

I'm an avid (lurve, lurve, lurrrrrrrve) Terry Prachett fan, and I've been eyeing this book for a while and decided I wanted it very much, so I just got it while the hubby got the GQ (SA and UK).I Shall Wear Midnight is the fourth Tiffany Aching novel in Prachett's Discworld series. I finished it today which my husband says is a waste of R300 (and complained of a lack of hugs) since I "burned through the book in four hours". As always, excellent reading! I highly recommend getting your hands on the entire Discworld Series, which I do have and will never part with.

Another set of books I've been meaning to blog about is the thought-provoking Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I see copies of the books mushrooming everywhere probably because of the impending "Now a Motion Picture!". Kindly borrowed to me by my 14 year old niece when she was still thirteen (*blush, blush*). I teared through the Hunger Games books effortessly, each book in the trilogy an absolute page turner. 

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