Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Decleor Aroma-expert Radiance Facial at Rocher Beauty

Aroma-expert Radiance Facial

For dull, lacklustre complexions this treatment will brighten, illuminate and even out the skin’s complexion.This intensive treatment harnesses the benefits of pure Vitamin C and the White-Bright complex to reduce areas of excess pigmentation and brighten the entire complexion for a truly radiant look.

Decleor, the specialist in Aroma-Skin care, has created a unique, natural approach to caring for your skin. Based on a 'Duo-Concept' combining the effectiveness of Aromatherapy with the protection of Phytotherapy. The Decleor range, including face, body, men and sun, can treat all skin types: normal; dry; mature; oily & combination; sensitive & reactive.

Jackie , the owner of Rocher Beauty House is extremely passionate about her Decleor treatments and the products and  really believes in them. She made a believer of me.I had also been dying to try one of her heavenly two hour facials.

The Friday before the Cosmedica 2011 seemed like a good time !

It started with a relaxing ritual - a 10- minute shiatsu- esque back massage and  a bit of lymph- drainage Thai-style leg massage. Then turn around for the actual facial to start. To be honest , I can't remember the exact sequence of the treatment and all the rituals of cleansing, exfoliation, steam , extraction, massage ,  the masque but what I can tell you that it was absolutely fantastic.  I was too blissed out to care about the sequence of the facial.I can't wait for my next one!

While the steam is on you get a head,neck and shoulder massage (this can also happen after the steam and extraction) and while the masque is on an awesome hand and arm massage.  Everything about the treatment is pure luxury. It went something like this :
       CLEANSE – Cleansing Milk – This is for all skins but              also hydrating.
 SECONDARY CLEANSE – Deep Cleansing Cream – This is a secondary cleanser used to dissolve and eliminate impurities and sebum in pores. Contains essential oils as well as Cotton Milk.
  TONE – Tonifying Lotion – To normalize ph. level of skin, hydrate and soothe skin.
  EXFOLIATE  - Gommage type
DIGITO PRESSURE AND DRAINING– Stimulating the energy points of the face while enhancing the effects of the aromatherapy. This stimulates and revives the epidermis
 STEAM AND EXTRACTION (oh the worst part)

  MASQUE –– This mask is specially mix for each client. It contains active ingredients which has been freeze dried to maintain the quality of the ingredients. It is then mixed with a lotion containing plant extracts .
    to activate the powder. It is then applied to the skin and left on for 10 – 15 min allowing the mask to become firm on the skin. This was absolutely amazing. It’s like a cocoon. Layers of fabric and masque.
 SERUM– Treats and increase the penetration of any moisturiser applied over the serum.
 EYE CREAM – Expression de l’age Eye Cream – Hydrates and treats fines lines around the eyes. Works on relaxing muscular tension.

While my skin was glowing immediately after the facial , it was in  the week after the facial  that it looked amazingly radiant. Nothing compares to a Decleor facial!

Update : So I've been for my fourth #amazeballs , indulgent Decleor facial by Jackie and it is absolutely fabulous. Really if you haven't had a facial at Rocher beauty you haven't had a facial. This time I also had a pedi so my legs (up to the knee) had already had an amazing "Jackie massage" so I got some extra pampering on my head , neck , arms and shoulders - pure bliss. Another thing I love about Rocher Beauty is that it is not the proverbial sausage factory , all treatments are done with care and passion.
I love this facial so much I blab about it to everyone - so my sister had to have one and I sent my mum for Jackie's blissful Aromaplasty Facial with Decleor. She loved it! She looked fantastic afterwards.

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