Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cappuccino Chronicles - Thava , Norwood/Oaklands

Two nights ago , the Smoo and I , reluctant to go to gym , decided to instead go gallivanting down Grant Avenue in search of Noms. After being practically brainwashed by my brother who for the previous month kept on mentioning the restaurant Thava. He said we should take him there for Bhai Bhij - a traditional Gujarati custom where after Diwali you invite your brother over for some noms and show love and appreciation towards him - something like that. Any hoo - he wanted to go there ( the three 'sistas' still have to take him). So while driving up and down , as well as parking and then walking up and down Grant road looking for delectables I started telling my husband (an only child) how siblings influence your behaviour and that I wanted to check out Thava because bhai(my bro -strict vegetarian) harped on about it after eating there a million times (hyperbole). So we went there.

The parking area was secure, safe and secluded, tucked away behind the restuarant building. We were a bit worried in terms of dress code , since we both had flip flops on and the smoo had what I call his ubiquitous "Swim Shorts' on . There guy at the front was like 'no problem' and so we sat down.

Service was friendly and professional and not pushy - just at the right pace, no one rushes you.


Reshmi Kebabs Chicken cubes marinated with reshmi sauce and grilled in tandoori oven.
So so so tender and soft with a yummy green chutney 

Idly SambarSteamed rice & urad dhal dumpling served with a sambar (spicy South Indian vegetable curry). I'd been thinking about this South Indian delicacy for a while and was glad to find it here. The most puffed up idli I've ever had. Yummy!

Lamb Dhal Gosht Lamb cubes cooked along with yellow dhal and steamed with mustard, onion and red chilli - Love this stuff!

Lamb Biryani - melt in your mouth lamb chunks in perfectly steamed Biryani topped with loads of cashews

Romali Rotli (or Roti as most people say) - huge thin Roti - been hunting this down

Extra Cucumber Raita - not as good as my mum and dad's but it had a refreshing, cool, clean taste.


Gajar Halwa A halwa made from carrots mixed with dry fruits, fried in ghee and cooked in milk.
Extremely Carrot-y. Yummy but very heavy

Gulab Jamun Milk powder,cardmom and sugar combined and fried in small balls and soaked in sugar syrup. Oh so divine and the hot syrup made it amazing.

I think both desserts would have done well with a bit of vanilla ice-cream on the side

I totally recommend this restaurant - the food is absolutely amazing. It's a great place to take a group of friends (so you can taste-nom everyone's dishes)

Oh And I didn't have a cappuccino - it's mind-numbingly hot in JHB even at night - but I'm sure they're good.

To find out more about them click on this link to take you to the website


TEL: 011 728 2826 Cor The Avenue & Plantation Road
Norwood (Oaklands)
(Situated above Alexanders Deli)

Find them on Google Maps
26° 8'56.00"S
28° 4'38.67"E

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