Friday, May 4, 2012


I'm sure many people have heard of #firstworldproblems - a topic that once trended on twitter (is that correct grammar?) . Like your smart phone not being able to retrieve tweets , brushing your teeth and immediately wanting some orange juice, Facebook "friend" updates of their busy gym schedule annoying you, BBM not working , buying a R10000 tablet and having to pay 99 U.S cents for apps and other small silly issues.

Below find some amusing First World Joys to make you feel all warm and fuzzy
Source: via Leandro on Pinterest


  1. Love these, have seen first world problem tweets so many times but never seen first world joys.

  2. Absolutely love these. My faves are the your/you're one, the wireless net one and the available colour one which should also be size cause I always find shoes I like and they never have my size.


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