Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Product Spotlight Garnier BB Cream " Miracle Skin Perfector" - A definite "Yummy Mummy" staple

My first blog post in ages and my first blog post after my baby arrived. She is 3 weeks old and the most awesome little person and currently taking a nap so I'm going to make this snappy.

I received some teeny samples of Garnier BB cream in light and medium ( the medium matched my skin perfectly for the summer - I'm a MAC NC42 - In winter I might blend the light and medium) . I took the samples to the hospital with me as a suggestion in one of the books was to take a bit of make-up in your labour bag with you. In retrospect I was too busy demanding an epidural and bouncing on a labour ball to care about a flawless complexion. It came in handy the third day in hospital ( notorious for the so-called baby blues) when I needed a bit of a pick me up. 

 When the baba was 13 days old we had her first trip to Dischem (more on that in a later blog post) I took the opportunity and grabbed a tube of the stuff.

I don't really wear foundation anymore ( even though I have a whole MAC cache of primers, correctors and what not) after discovering this- sometimes if I have a bit of time I do put a MAC primer underneath but I'm quite happy with this BB Cream. It's so quick and easy to apply with no fussing with perfect blending and foundation brushes- so it's a great tool in any "yummy mummy arsenal". It smells nice - all white tea and floral-y (quite refreshing). The SPF is a bonus but I still recommend wearing an SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum (Eucerin or Bioderma) underneath. The vitamin C is great - a topical anti-oxidant to combat those havoc-wreaking free radicals. So while this cream provides the optical illusion of blemish diffusion it also protects and moisturizes. 

BB Cream- BB is short for "Blemish Balm," "Beauty Balm" or "Beblesh Balm" (stemming from a copyright on the word "blemish" in Korea) -- was originally developed in Germany in the 1960s by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek, who was looking for an ointment suitable for patients who had recently undergone a peel or laser procedure. The product remained relatively obscure until it was brought to South Korea and Japan in the mid-1980s, where it became the favourite beauty product of a few well-known actresses and has been selling like hotcakes in recent years. In the past 2 years it's creating a buzz in the rest of the world

The cream is all-in-one treatment/moisturizer/makeup hybrid -- it's meant to be soothing and ultra-nourishing to your skin while providing light, tinted, sheer-looking coverage (sometimes mineral-based) for your dark spots, acne and other facial blemishes. Variations usually includes a good SPF to protect your skin from the sun's rays and other environmental damage, while providing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory serums to the skin to make it look younger. Some formulations are made to treat problem skin, while others offer skin whitening or shimmer to give skin an instant glow. BB creams used to only come in a light shade or two and didn't really blend well on dark skin. That's changing rapidly.

I was quite happy with the Garnier - it's affordable, easy to get hold of and blended well on my skin. I like it!


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