Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging for Dummies

Finally , here I am writing a post. After many hours spent tweaking colours on the design template, adding gadgets and giving up on page 30 of " Blogging for DUMMIES". I know it still has that half-baked look but I'll add some more do-dahs on the way.

I've been wanting to blog for ages, why have  I only started now . . .well who knows? But now it's full steam ahead baby!

So you (all you followers out there . . . which at this point I still have to acquire) and I will be embarking on a journey of discovery. The quest for eternal beauty. Edging ever closer to that ominous milestone - The BIG THREE - OH ( . . . as in Oh Shite, don't they say it's downhill from here?) well anyway , where was I in the sentence? Oh yes you and I are going to go head -to-head with our biological clocks, arming ourselves with some anti-age ammo. So who's in?

While you think about it, let me get back to some more addictive " blog tweaking". Here's to some exciting times!

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