Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Microdroplet Botox or Meso-Botox

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, M.D., Inc. has been issued a rare patent (US 7,846,457 B2) by The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the invention of a breakthrough method for administering cosmetic botulinum toxin. The patent for Microdroplet™ botulinum toxin, a nonsurgical cosmetic facial treatment that improves upon standard BOTOX® treatments, was officially approved on December 7, 2010. The patent holder and inventor is Dr. Kenneth D. Steinsapir, a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in surgery and minimally invasive treatments that enhance facial features with natural-looking results.

Microdroplet™ BOTOX® utilizes tiny microdroplet volumes of botulinum toxin injected into the facial skin at a precise depth and positioning. This controlled placement balances the "tug of war" between the muscles that elevate and pull down the eyebrows. The treatment avoids side effects like BOTOX® "drift" and "forehead freeze."

Dr. Steinsapir reports, "I have been treating patients with BOTOX® since 1988, and early on I recognized the need for an improved approach to cosmetic treatment by carefully listening to the concerns of my patients." This vast experience crystallized into the Microdroplet™ botulinum toxin method in 2006, which is the basis for the U.S. Patent.

"Natural outcomes are vital to a successful and satisfying cosmetic treatment experience," says Dr. Steinsapir. "Microdroplet BOTOX can improve the appearance because it works on select muscles to attain and improve overall facial balance. It's an important option for individuals who seek cosmetic improvement without surgery and an essential alternative to current treatment methods."

Is it super concentrated so it doesn't diffuse much? Is it just another way of saying Baby Botox or Meso-Botox?


  1. The difference between mesobotox or microbotox and patented microdroplet botox is that mesobotox is an intradermal treatment that relaxes the smooth muscle in the skin that affect the skin pores. Microdroplet Botox targets the major muscles that shape the face. It is not super concentrated. Rather tiny doses in very small volumes are placed just below the skin where muscles of facial expression insert into the skin. This makes it possible to precisely treat the eyebrow depressors without getting botulinum toxin diffusion which can drop the eyebrow. Look on lidlift dot com for more information.

  2. Thank you Dr Steinsapir for clearing that up!

  3. hello
    i had mesobotox done under my eyes two days ago
    but I still feel very puffy and different from before..
    I am very worried..
    will this go or stay?


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