Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skoobs : Theatre of Books! A must see! I didn't want to leave! I want to go back!

The Tank

So Zen

The Baby Grand

Love the origami

Happy happy : )

Love these "nest"-type chairs

The lift

The "mezzanine" level

My coffee. The waiter was super friendly - great service

The Travel Guide section, I was in awe - stopped
in my tracks
Woohoo! Some Champers!

Got some cool books :) - just because I had to.

Great South African Read. Unusual and entertaining. Read within a day

Been wanting to read this for ages. Beautifully written! Amazing stuff!
Read in a day and a bit.

Whenever I get the heebies about change I
think "move with the Cheese". Took about 10-15 minutes to read.

Since I've been to this fabulous book "shop" (what an inadequate word!) I'm been trying to get back. The hubby and I decided to have some noms at Monte and as soon as I went past Skoobs I thought I have to go in there. After a lovely dinner I was like " I want to go to Skoobs!"

The store  includes a fabulous coffee shop with unique coffee and tea offerings and an upmarket Champagne Bar on the upper level (reached by glass lift or amazing wooden staircase), complete with baby grand piano to provide refined entertainment while enjoying your glass of bubbly and choosing a good read, or selecting a game for the kids in the interactive gaming area.  

The wonderland of experiences continues for the younger generation with a custom-designed, animal-themed interactive kiddie’s book section and a breathtaking Skoobs fish tank, complete with specially designed water books to keep visitors mesmerised. The sensory journey of the store continues into the Zen garden in the mind, body and soul area; a putting green in the sports area; and a Tuscan courtyard.

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