Friday, September 9, 2011

Earlobe Rejuvenation using the Restylane Range

The earlobes frame the face, and while having your face rejuvenated can bring a great improvement, if you leave the earlobes out, you're leaving behind a telltale aging sign. Just like the hands should match the face should match the chest - the earlobes should be taken into consideration as well. After years of wearing heavy earrings and sun exposure, the earlobes can wrinkle and sag too.
A quick and effective way of restoring volume to the earlobe is by injecting a small volume of Restylane or Restylane Perlane. To restore the hydro-balance the Restylane Vital Pen Injector can be used ( at the same time that it being using for full face hydro-balance restoration).

70 year old patient.Large, stretched ear piercing. The lobe
is thin and has lost volume. Patient complains of not being able to wear

Even though the size of the pierced earring "hole" is relatively the
same, volume is restored to the earlobe giving added support if
patient wants to wear earrings. If a purely surgical intervention is used - the hole may be smaller but earrings will not be able to be used.

Earring twisted in angular position to demonstrate the support
given by restoring the volume of the earlobe with Restylane Perlane.

The dainty earring fully supported .

Other Areas that Restylane can Restore and Enhance

Update : This treatment was done two years ago (early 2010), and the patient is having another treatment this week to maintain the effect. Restylane rocks!

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  1. That is a great idea and there are many woman who suffer from this problem of sagging skin due to heavy wearing of ear accessories.


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