Saturday, September 3, 2011

Woman's day Breakfast with Woman@Work

Woman’s Day

On the 9th of August Woman @ Work hosted a very successful Woman's day Breakfast . They invited Bev Milun who was extremely interesting and hugely energetic. She was saying loads of stuff on energy and purpose and what not but what stood out for me was her views on numerolgy and energy. She works with it quite a bit and she said like people , years themselves(if they can in fact be a "self") have their numbers. Usually the year's numeric energy starts to shift in September (not December). Apparently the energy of the previous year  2010-2011(I forget it's number) was one of "earth shifting energy". It felt as if the ground was moving beneath your feet (figuratively) - as in you had major shifts in your life that really shook you up. In terms of the earth - major earthquakes and tsunamis. Wow -that was quite insightful! The energy of the year to come (Sept2011-Sept2012) is a wind energy - blowing you in whatever direction whether you like it or not - the proverbial "winds of change". She said to look out for hurricanes (ahem Hurricane Irene), typhoons, tornados and wind-related natural disasters. If you're so inclined - it's a pretty intriguing concept. It could explain the "quarter life crisis" many of my friends and I are experiencing.

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Bev Milun
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Patient Before Treatment with Topical Anaesthetic over
Naso-labial folds (area of main concern)
(Age : 50 years old)

2 weeks after Restylane Perlane Treatment, Restylane Vital Treatment and
Restylane Skin Care Regime

I also did a Restylane Dermal Filler Demo on the day that I think went quite well!  

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