Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What an emotional day!

"Two girls aged seven and 15, and a boy aged seven, became victims of careless driving. The speeding car, driven by Duwaine Martin (19), crashed into the three learners on Hudson Street near the Methodist Church, demolished a gate and ended up in somebody’s property.

According to a police report, the learners sustained body and skull injuries.

The girl and boy, both aged seven, are in hospital fighting for their lives.
A case of reckless driving has been opened by the police and the driver is out on bail.

"This same young boy almost drove into my car in Abraham Street on Sunday. I spoke to him and warned him about his dangerous and reckless driving.  I told him that he will kill people if he keeps showing off and look what he has done... only the following day," said Amien Smith who did his best to help the injured learners."

Today was a rather emotionally draining day at the dental clinic . Early in the morning a dental assistant had an epileptic fit , which really threw me off. It's happened before but today I was really shaken up.

Later during the day we got to meet two of the children mentioned in the above article and their Grandmother who looks after them. Everytime I think I about it , I just burst out crying! What a brave little boy. His Gran was telling us all about their life  and what actually happened after  . I'm crying just typing this.

His skull was fractured and he was in a coma but miraculously he is getting better and walking and slowly starting to talk. He was so brave at the dental clinic today and all smiles! It really took all I had not to burst out crying there. I said to him that he was going to be okay and he miled and nodded.

The little boy's Gran told us that the guy who knocked them down is out of jail and this past Sunday apparently alomost knocked two other kids down. The woman who gave him the car was well aware that he didn't have a licence and sent her grandchild to school with him! She apparently showed no sympathy at all! (she actually "sold" one of grandkids for a car) People are really callous. I really can't believe that 19- year-old kid is out there, probably with no remorse, still driving around. Makes me so angry!

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  1. Wow!! That's heartbreaking!! Its so sad that the adult of the wreckless 19 year old driver actually allows this! Especially after that incident! Some people should NOT be allowed to have children or look after them for that matter! I think what's worse though is that the 19 year old makes the concious decision of driving without a license and driving rather reckless. He should know better as a young adult!


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