Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trying to get waisted

I write this while munching on anti-oxident rich Organic Dark Chocolate.*Bwahhaahahha* (my bad evil laugh-I'm working on it). Even with my half-arsed efforts I am seeing progress. wooooo , signs of a waist. From apple to hour-glass - miracles happen every day my friend.

I want to be in perfect shape before the big Three- OH, I turned 29 recently-ish (15 Oct), so time is ticking! I'm not as serious as I should be, not to mention minor gym mishaps.

Update : So I think I wrote the above bit about a year ago and guess what I have hit the big 3-oh! (about two months ago) . I am not in perfect shape - no where near it. In fact I may be in worse shape.Sigh.

So I'm still trying to get into it. Back in the day about 5 years ago - maybe seven- gym was a regular twice-a-day, 3-hrs-a-day thing and now it has become a chore but I must push on hey - can't be an aesthetic doctor who is chubsy. I have to "live my brand".

Despite some gym mishaps - wearing a t-shirt upside down and see-through black pants with Fuschia undies (on two separate days thank goodness) I still push on. I also happened to yell out "moobies" at someone when I just should have thought "moobies"

Check with me in 3 months - I'll let you know how it goes.

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This is a bleh blog post because I am feeling Bleh.

Update: 7/01/12 - Today I wore my T-shirt back to front at the Gym. Luckily the husband who got to gym before me , was there to tell me. I cannot believe that I've been doing such silly things - I need a holiday!

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