Monday, April 2, 2012

Comedy Adventures : Notorious with Russel Peters

Recently A whole bunch of us went to check out Russel Peters for his Notorious at Carnival City . Have a look here  and here to learn a little more about him. We laugh non-stop since he started talking. As they say -I guess you had to be there. I've shared two of his videos on the blog so you can see what he is all about , he does a lot of improv and observational comedy. We have one of his DVDs at home and have watched it loads of times. Other Comedians we like are Trevor Noah (his new Crazy Normal DVD is great) , Nic Rabinowitz, Riaad Moosa, Loyiso Gola.

A South African comedian that is doing quite well , especially now, is Riaad Moosa (he is also a medical doctor). he recently realeased a movie Material , that did really well at the SA Box Office. My husband and I really enjoyed it. I met one person who was disappointed by it but she referred to Joey Rasdien as Mark Lottering (credibility shot down).She is also from Durban which is a bit different from Fordsburg so maybe that could have been it? She said it was boring and she couldn't identify with it. Well we thought it was funny and we really identified with it and it reminded me of my dad's "shop" when I was younger.

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