Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Miraculous Micro-Cannula

Readers of this blog have probably realised that I love Restylane and I love using the product - with good reason too! This über- filler is the only Dermal Filler that I use on my patients. 

Restylane® has been tried, tested and trusted since its introduction in 1996.  Since it revolutionized the aesthetic market by being the first non-animal hyaluronic acid filler introduced for facial tissue augmentation, it has been used in over 11 million treatments in more than 70 countries worldwide (this was the numbers in 2010 , in addition to this it is the most clinically studied HA filler globally).

The Restylane® family of products has continued to expand and provide the aesthetic industry with novel, proven and superior products based on the patented NASHA™ technology such as the Restylane Vital™ series for skin rejuvenation and the inclusion of 0,3% of Lidocaine in a selection of the Restylane® product range.

The company behind Restylane®, Q-Med AB (recently bought by Galderma), has simultaneously brought innovative complementary tools such as the Restylane® Injector (many of my patients call it “that clicky pen”), the Thin Wall Needle and now the patented Pix’L® range of flexible and rigid micro-cannulas to the market to enhance the overall effect and offer of the Restylane® products range.

The Pix’L micro-cannulas were developed especially for use with the Restylane® Product Range.  The advantages of the Pix’L micro-cannulas are obvious:

Thanks to the blunt tip no damage is caused to the surrounding tissues, nerves or vessels which results in a virtually painless procedure without bruises. At first I was a bit nervous to use the cannulae

Through a single entry point the cannula can reach a wide area of the skin since it can be moved in different directions without any discomfort for the patient.  This is truly amazing that from one entry point one can augment the cheekbones, soften naso-labials , plump lips and the surrounding supporting structures as well as soften marionette lines SAFELY.

Less entry points + no damage to surrounding tissues = a virtually painless experience.

1. Reduced pain

The Pix’L™ micro cannula does not simply puncture the tissue like a sharp needle, but glides gently along the natural tissue connections.  The blunt tip displaces blood vessels without injuring them; therefore there is hardly any pain or swelling.  Pain management in the form of infiltration anaesthesia is only recommended with the use of SUB Q  in restoring the contours that are lost with the descent of subcutaneous fat tissue in the cheek bone or cheek region. No anaesthetic is required for the building up of the upper subcutaneous fat layer (Perlane) thanks to the Pix’L™ needle.

2. Almost no tissue trauma

The inside and outside of the cannulas are smooth, without notches and the blunt tip makes injuries very unlikely. The cannula is made from high-tech, surgical stainless steel and offers high flexibility and resistance for an extremely comfortable injection treatment.

3. No downtime

The preparation of individual treatment plans and the extremely gentle technology allows patients to resume their daily routine again on the same day. Any downtime is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum in comparison to the result of this treatment.

Traditionally Dermal Fillers were injected with needles only and now we have one more tool! At first it seemed a bit daunting but the cannulae are amazing. I really love using them now. The patient feels no discomfort or pain ( topical and local anaesthetic is needed less now) , the product is placed evenly and safely.

 Dark circles, flattened eyebrows, tear troughs and deep eye shadows can now be effectively treated – without visible side effects such as swelling and bruising

The "Soft Restoration"

Have a look here at Cannula Technique. Spot the teeny entry point.


  1. The patients love it - no bruising , no one suspects a thing and no pain and it saves them time. I love using it .


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