Saturday, September 15, 2012

Filorga GLYKOPEEL® 20 % Review

GLYKOPEEL® is a superficial dermatological glycolic acid peel, with sequential pH variations. It allows a gentle treatment that provides an immediate and visible result without down time. These peels can be repeated at 2-weekly intervals ( even every 5-7 days!).

I've been thinking of doing some Filorga peels for quite some time and since I've been doing Lamelle for some time ( I do their Beta, Beta Plus , Alpha and Lactic Acid Peels) and have been happy with the results from those peels - so I didn't really consider another peel range to offer my patients. 

Rene , the rep from Filorga , kindly offered to do a demo on me so I could get a feel of the peels. We decided to do the 20% Glykopeel on my face,neck,Décolleté and hands.

The actual peel treatment is a 4 step process but before we started she cleansed my face with a Filorga Cleanser and Toner ( which smells rather nice and refreshing and not very "medical") .

Then the Pre-Peel solution was applied (pH 4.5) - just a bit lower than our pH5.5 epidermis. Then the peel (pH2) is applied which was not at all uncomfortable. Glycolic acid peels are time dependent so can be left on from 2- 10 minutes. 

This unique and complete formulation provides the following 4 actions:
PROTECTION – White mulberry, brown algea, glycerin
PIGMENTATION CORRECTION – Kojic acid, bearberry

 Thereafter is is neutralized by a a post -peel solution of pH 8 and then a refreshing remineralizing mist is applied . 

Rene then applied Filorga's Pigmentation Cream and Sunscreen (SPF 50).

The treatment was quick and comfortable . My skin looked amazing afterwards - I immediately looked at my skin in the mirror and I said "wow!" I'd been feeling a bit down about my skin lately as pregnancy can cause a bit of havoc. I've been told I look nice and that I'm "glowing" but I don't really believe it. After the Glykopeel it really was glowing and radiant - I was so impressed.

 I  ordered my peel kits straight away and will be offering these peels alongside the Lamelle peels. 

Later on the Smoo (the hubby) and I went through to run some errands and pick up business cards and what not. A cute little blue-eyed girl around seven kept on smiling and looking at me at the shops . I thought I must look like a shiny, mascara-smudged oddity after the peel. She came past and said - "you are really pretty!". That really sold me on the peel!


  1. Hi there. How many peels would it take to get rid of really bad pigmentation? I've just had my second peel and I have 3 more to go. Would 5 be sufficient? Thank you.

  2. It is difficult to say without having had a look at you and also depends if the pigmentation is PIH or Melasma. Pigmentation issues often require long-term treatment with maintenance as well as good homecare (lightening cream , anti-oxidant cream and good broad spectrum sunscreen) as well as perhaps some oral supplements. Also it depends on the type of peel you are having done.


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