Monday, May 13, 2013

Aura Thai Spa Review

After a particularly harrowing week I was wearing the look of a well-worn new mom. I need a facial and perhaps a decent pedi and in my line of work you do need to look the part. 

I called on Saturday and took a chance ( I was actually trying Sinzinani but the main reception couldn't transfer me). I got through to Ketsiri (the owner of the spa) and she was so friendly and super helpful and she somehow found an appointment for me at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning. When I got there it reminded me so much of a spa we visited daily when we were on holiday in Koi Samui two years ago. The facial went well but was not extraordinary. Maybe I am a fussy pants and also then again I compare every facial to my amazing Decleor facial experiences that I used to have at Rocher Beauty. 

We started with a complimentary foot soak and scrub and then got on with the facial ( I chose an adult deep cleanse). I was extremely relaxed and I think I may have nodded off a bit! The pedi was also done in the same room so no need walk around after the facial. 

I also decided on to not have a paint done on my toes - I just wanted to give them break. The foot massage was just what I needed. I was surprised at the end of the treatment to get some complimentary nommies. Also Ketsiri said that if there was anything I was unhappy I must let her know as all she wants are her clients to be happy.She also said that if I change my mind about the pedi paint I should just come through the next day and they will do it at no charge. 

The next weekend my husband went for the sports massage (after much convincing). He hasn't had a massage  for two years ( since Thailand) so I thought it would be a cool treat. After the massage he was offered some warm ginger tea and spring rolls with a small fruit salad. He has already booked another massage for next week! He also told me to pick whatever massage I would like and he will treat me (Score!). I think I will go with either the hot compress or thai aromatherapy ( a review will follow either). I would recommend the spa for massage treatments but I'm not completely sold on their facials yet.

Khob Khun Ka Ketsiri for the lovely ,warm service and genuine care that you and your therapists have for your clients.

So for a warm, friendly and pampering experience  give Aura Thai a try - have a look at their fabulous website or just call to make an appointment - 

The complimentary nommies. 

Comaro View Shopping Centre
Upper Level
Shop 19C (Soon to join up with Quintessential and move to Meyersdal)

Cell: 082 499 1396
Tel: 011 432 6830 / 011 055 0005

Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri: 9:00 to 21:00
Sat - Sun: 9:00 to 19:00
Public Holidays: 9:00 to 19:00
Closed on Wednesdays

Update: The hubby and I recently went for a couples massage at Aura Thai. Fabulous experience - I didn't take any pictures as I thought I just want to relax and enjoy the experience. You really are pampered - ginger tea and tropical fruit snack pre-massage. There after you are led to a big couple's room (decor is amazing and the lighting is dim and cozy so you feel very comfortable). Traditional Thai style massage on flat plinths. Gosh it just remined me so much of Koi Samui. Afterwards you have some nommy satay chicken and ginger tea. Service is great, the staff are friendly,respectful and accomodating I would definitely recommend any of their massage treatments.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Spas are definitely one of the best ways to wind down and pamper yourself. Getting a massage isn't just relaxing, it's also beneficial for health. Some types of massage can even flush body toxins because of the deep penetrating touches at specific pressure points of the body.

    La Fleur de Beauté: A Day Spa


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