Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Nimue Chemibrasion :Part one

Fruit platter at our friends Moeen and Sadiya's (Sadz) house.
Why is this picture here? It's because every single time I have
any skin resurfacing procedure, we go out with them, or we visit.
I wonder if they have ever seen me not peeling (peel =fruit acids)

This is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong overdue blog post . I should have blogged this in November last year, so let's get to it. Since last year October I've done a RegimA 40%, completed my Nimue two-part Chemibrasion (with Kim from Somologica) and also had a Lamelle beta peel and a Lamelle Dermaroller plus serum treatment (courtesy of Judy from Lamelle). I'm going to start with my chemibrasion. I blogged  about the RegimA peels( ) that I've been doing for 2 years - they are wonderful peels, I love them but I wanted to step it up a notch. My sister also tried it about a year and half ago and her skin looked great afterwards but she vowed never to repeat it beacuse of the extensive peeling. She even phoned and messaged me the morning after her second peel exclaiming that she looked like a lizard and was freaking out a little bit. Despite that her results were impressive. I must say one of the things I didn't like with the Nimue was that I had to give up my Quantum Elastin Dermal Regenerator from RegimA (one of the best creams ever).With my last RegimA peel my chin was peeling like crazy. My bestie and I went to the MAC store in Rosebank (they're so nice there in sharp contrast to those awful MAC people in Eastgate) the day after the peel and one of the make-up artists used masses of their moisture wipes on me which I must say helped the appearence of my casting-off chin

The RegimA peel is completed in-salon and the only thing you have to show is that tell-tale super shiney,bronzed,myo-relaxed face. With the Nimue, you have to drive home with the mustard-hued peel still on your face.What an experience driving home with this off-yellow goop on your face (scroll down for a pic of this) and leaving it on for 4 hours. It doesn't sting at all for those hours. Nothing happens the first day you wash it off but heaven help you the next day - the peeling starts. I felt a bit like Gold Member in Austin powers, going through some sort of revolting-moulting. The peel was done on a Friday because it's better if you hole up for the weekend so you don't scare anyone (the pictures cannot convey the extent of peeling).

By Sunday I needed Ice-packs for relief, especially for my chin. The peeling continued for 5 days the first time and for 7 days the second time. I ventured out when I had my second peel and when I would get that wide-eyed looked from the Hubby or random shop assistants I would moisturise so I wouldn't look like a Skin-flake Sasquatch.

 After the treatments my skin definitely looked much better- the texture and skin tone .was greatly improved. Chemibrasion is meant to be done only once a year and although I loved the results I would to think about it before repeating the process . Also Kim is highly experienced and trained and I trust her - so if you decide to get something like this done your therapist must know what she is doing (Kim knows what she is doing)!

In my next blog post about the Chemibrasion, I'll discuss a little more about the products used , the technicalities and techniques used.

Crazy peeling starting already on the second day


Chin peeled like crazy

Urgh! Breakout. You look really bad before you look really good

It peeled on the sides of my chin the most and for the longest

Significantly softened Naso-labial fold.
I woke up in the morning and said "My Naso-labials look
great!" My husband laughed and said "Who says stuff like that?!"

Day 4. part 1

Nasolabials be gone!

Bad photo I know, but that's how I looked straight after. The Robot hawkers were scared

On Day 2, Part 2. Yes that is my skin

I look so unlike myself

Peeling in the car

Peeling everywhere

Day 4 - Not Bad! I peeled for 7 days after the second treatment.Although
at day six my chin was on fire and I developed some crazy post-inflammatory
hyperpigmentation. I was so upset. Thankfully it faded.

Super close up of my cheek after peeling settled down

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