Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maybelline XXL Extensions® Washable Mascara Review

So I desperately  needed a new , reasonably priced mascara and I was actually looking at getting L'oreal but the store didn't have it so I got some Maybelline ( A great brand,The Mother of all Mascaras http://thejadelotusbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/11/lush-lashes-its-all-about-high-drama.html).

It's okay. It does the job. I don't really like the extra primer step but it does make a difference.It certainly lengthens but looks quite natural even with the primer. The formulation is super wet , so a steady hand is needed and a bit of patience. A big plus is that it doesn't clump and once applied properly really gives you that doe-eyed doll look. It also adds a slight, natural lash curl.  It doesn't smudge during the day or run even though it is washable. I'm not sure if I'll buy it again - I didn't really have much of a choice at the store.I just picked from what was available.It's not a bad mascara , but not really one of my favourites.

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