Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review :Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone by MAC

Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone is a partial primer designed for use in the T-Zone. This lightweight, oil-free, soy-based emulsion instantly helps minimize visible pores while helping to control excess surface oil and shine. M·A·C employs High Tech Optics, an advanced technology powder and light diffusers to fill in lines. The result: an invisible, natural-looking, long-lasting matte finish that also helps keep pores clean, clear and unclogged. It mattifies and hides imperfections using advanced powders and microspheres while a Mannose-Phosphate blend gently exfoliates away dead cells giving the skin a more youthful look and silica particles absorb oil. In addition to immediately minimizing pore appearance and shine, 24% experience an increased luminosity and clarity of the skin. Additionally, clinical tests show that over time, the Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone reduces the appearance of clogged pores and shrinks the appearance of pores to nearly two-thirds of its original size.
This was another excellent buy from Bangkok's Duty Free. I've used the product before after being introduced to it by the friendly MAC make-up artist at the MAC Rosebank store (not those horrible Eastgate people). This is an excellent product that gives a refined appearence to the skin. It really minimizes the appearence of enlarged pores and what a great matte finish! It really creates a smooth canvas for foundation or concealer.The downside is the teeny size of the tube . . . so teeny.  Another awesome product that has a similar affect (although it is ridiculously expensive)

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