Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm going to try something new here! - Look out for it in Mid November

Somologica Day Spa


Address56 Hennie Alberts Street
Brackenhurst, Brackenhurst, South Africa 1448

Last week I went in for another regimA peel (blog post on the way). Above are some pics of the salon - they offer an amazing array of treatments and I'm going to try something new ! Look out for the next blog post on it!


  1. What are the costs (on average) of the peels? Did you find any reduction in marks etc (I don't recall you having many:D )
    And are they in Durbs? x

  2. Depends on the product range and strength, type of peel - From R450-R1200 (Glycolic/TCA). Also you must factor in the cost of the products you may need to purchase for home care. Personally I think peels are wonderful if done properly and I saw a huge improvement in my skin texture and tone. Let me find out about durbs - but there should be


Love to hear your thoughts!

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