Friday, October 29, 2010

Tarty Experiments and the Pow-wow Power of Beauty!

While I'm working on the rest of the "Peel Posts" and working through my LOLcat addiction I thought :'Let me throw in some more concepts of "what is beauty?' " I did a mini experiment as well (ooh-la-la).

"Beauty is power ; a smile is its sword" ~ Charles Reade

Is she beautiful? "Conventionally" , I don't think so. Wait , I'm not sure  . . . is she? She's a model  called Monikangana Dutta so she must be -fuzzy logic. She certainly is attractive (except for the freakishly long neck which may be classed as one those phenomena called "the photoshop disaster").

I've been asking around - people I work with , family, friends , my surprised patients. I asked men and women (even honest little children), different ages and races -what makes people beautiful?

What did they say? Their answers were peppered with tact and were painfully politically correct. This is what the Miss World Q & A has done to the world. 'It's what's on the inside that counts marshmallow marshmallow marshmallow". Maybe I didn't ask the right question. "What makes you smoking hot?" Was it the way I asked?

Some of the answers :

"It's the way a girl carries herself - her posture"

"The clothes she wears, they must suit her"

" Sparkly eyes and a warm person" - Me : "Are you being honest?"
                                                                Random person: " Haaahahahahahhaha
                                                                hahhahhahaahhaaahhaha . . . yes!"

" Beautiful people make people around them feel good"

"Personality and a nice smile"

"Well-drawn eyebrows"

I expected answers related to tangible,physical characteristics but I was surprised by the answers I got. Gee, looks like a nice bum can only get you so far. What about the "shrine of Celebrity" - why do we seem to worship the way they look and want to emulate some of them. Because they're so damn nice? What's the big deal - what's so wrong with it? Why is it during a recession the sales of red lipstick sky rocket (still looking good on a super-tight budget?)- when you look good you feel good? Or is it when you feel good, you look good? Appeal, attractiveness and beauty - are they interchangeable?

I've thought about it - there's nothing wrong with wanting to be physically attractive and putting some effort into it (make-up,fillers and some tweaking). I agree with the above answers, there are other things that make you more appealing. Your confidence,charm and your happy,positive energy. Your spell-binding demeanour .That means if you're an A-grade A_hole that brilliantly bleached set of chompers will only add to your unattractive, obnoxious aura.

To illustrate the above let me take you back to my  . . . wait I can't tell you when - you'll figure out who it is . . . let me take you back to some time in my past. There was a guy, let's call him Dither Fish ,in our class. The most crass,arrogant,intolerable guy you could ever meet.

The girls in his (all 17 of us) class would just roll their eyes at Dither. In contrast the girls in the class below, who could only fleetingly pass him in the hallway and never had to endure his inane conversation would swoon :'Oh Dither has such nice eyes" , "He has such lovely skin" ," He is so hot". At face-value he seemed drool-worthy.We could never see it though and it's not just me or my die-hard loyal friends but all 17 girls in his class.Sure if you broke it down , he had nice eyes and was "handsome" but if you knew him you'd really have to concentrate intently to see it. I still struggle to see it. Just looking good on the outside with no substance on the inside - like chocolate Easter Bunnies - yummy for a bit and than poof! nothing. After the delicious , chocolate shell is gone nothing of interest left on the inside to savour. Yup, another one of my half-arsed analogies (it's left me thinking longingly of Chocolate Bunnies).

Take home message -being attractive is a package deal , a bright,honest inside radiates out to make a pleasant outside  absolutely exceptional. Having said that people do see your outside first so there is a bit of judgement on a conscious and well as a subconscious level. " Beauty comes as much from the mind from the eye." ~ Grey Livingston

The Experiment : Plain Jane, Pretty in Purple and Pop Tart - Yip so I went around with no make-up on , looking harassed and alternated between blue jeans and track pants and this over-sized Iron Man top my brother gave me. Then I noted reactions when I dressed up well, with colours that really made me look good and the make-up was perfect. Lastly I did that whole vampy-vixen look - patterned tights, the smokiest (does that word exist?) eye I could manage and the bloody bloodiest red MAC lipper I had in my possession - what reaction do you think I got? Do people treat you differently because of the way you dress or look?

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  1. hahaha just read probably thee kewlest blog ever =) ... its soooo true... i get sooo irritated by the way ppl treat me because of the way i look ... though it does have its benefits at times hehe.. one thing that still puzzles me.. i like ...having a nice well browned (i wish brazilian) tan from time to time... though compared to my siblings.. they seem to like the fairer indian person... which is weird because the rest of society (well most ppl) percieve lighter looking ppl to be prettier.. would really like to see wat ppl say about this pic if the lady is in a lighter shade...See More


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