Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jessica Biel for Revlon CustomEyes Mascara - oh hum, more mascara from Revlon

For long and defined or long and dramatic lashes!!
Revlon CustomEyes Mascara has an innovative mascara brush with adjustable bristles that allows you to control the end beauty look you want - long and defined or long and dramatic lashes.  Now you can create two different lash looks with one mascara.

Innovative package with dial on cap adjusts the bristles to provide different lash looks in one mascara.

Intuitive formula with flexible film technology, gellified waxes and silicone work with the brush to create multiple lash looks.
Multi colored rows of bristles move with the twist of a dial to create different looks
Settings on the dial allow consumer to choose her look
All day wear without smudging or clumping

Dial on cap has two settings:
1) Length & Definition - Aligned bristles
2) Length & Drama - Staggered bristles

Settings on the dial allow the consumer to choose her look!

Setting 1:
Lenghth & Definition

Setting 2:
Lenght & Drama

Custom Eyes Mascara Regular:
Blackest Black
Blackened Brown
Custom Eyes Mascara Waterproof:
Blackest Black
Blackened Brown

Okay, I'm not a big fan of Revlon Mascara. This one comes out in Feb 2011 here. They have a dismal Mascara history so let's see how this one works and if it works. Jessica Biel doesn't even look like herself in the above print ad and of course those aren't all her real lashes.*Sigh*

From musingsofamuse. Eager to see if it really does this.

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