Monday, January 10, 2011

The stuff laughter therapy is made of. . .because sometimes you need to laugh a little


"Efficacy : this Vitamin C whitening peeling cream by use of natural Tartaric acid. vitaminC whitening essence... etc.rapid intenerate horniness layer,accelerate aging horniness falls off,clean out the injurant in the skin pore, decompose deposit melanin, validate ameliorate dark skin. Accelerate skin metabolism and blood circulation, ream skin cleanly      ,      wetness.
Use:Days for sub-two, first shall face wetness, and weild the product gently knead, then with ceanly water washing
Notice: avoid into eyeball, if immodesty, shornlywashing ceanly water "

I came across this product and I read the ' 30 second dispel horniness 'and thought " I have to get this for the blog!". The grammer is just fab , I love the use of the "etc". Try reading it out loud for a more "fun" effect.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read the instructions, my mom found it endlessly amusing and she said " Horniness? isn't that a rude word?" and then proceeded to laugh. Her favourite bit is the " avoid into eyeball" line .The coolest 70 year old ever , my mom.
 My sister laughed so hard she cried, so I thought I'd share this little  gem and hopefully make you laugh. It's a pretty cheap laugh - it's only R12 nad  and smells like a gazillion oranges squeezed into a tube. I did an arm patch test and nothing much happened, much to my relief. I use it as a hand wash now after I paint or mosaic.

Straight from their site that I got off the box which I might add is 100% recycled paper:
"Company Name:
Livepro (Guangzhou) Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Business Owner:
Mr. Yuanhao Zhang

Main markets:
North America Africa
Business Type:
Manufacturer, Trading Company
About Us:
We are a manufacturer professionally engaged in cosmetics. Our trademarks are well-known abroad, including LIVEPRO, PRO-LIVE, AICHEN BEAUTY, DISAAR, BEST and more. Founded in 2002 by our predecessor of SaSa, which is a famous exporter and OEM/ODM service supplier of cosmetics, we are a professional manufacturer in cosmetic for international clients, including skin-care products, multicolor cosmetics, perfume, washing & daily use chemical and cosmetics of special purposes.With long-term good reputation in international market, to catch the French LPA's (LPA is a scientific organization specialized in clinical studies or practice of active-cell to anti-ageing treatment) attention, in August 2002, SaSa formally cooperated with LPA, and founded LIVEPRO (GUANGZHOU) BEAUTY COSMETICS CO., Ltd. SaSa has authorized the corporation name as "LIVEPRO", as the contraction of Long-Live-Pros Academe, and has lucubrated about traditional herbal medicine and cell-activate products for the research of anti-ageing, skin-care and beauty & slim body in China.With the technology of LPA, keeping ahead in the skin-care, hair-care and beauty & slimming series, we have successfully developed several series, such as cell energy-active lines, gene active-cell lines, traditional Chinese herbal medicine outstanding care lines and magnetization juice dynamic hydrating & whitening lines (vegetable hydrating & whitening lines).The majority of our products have been exported to clients in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Africa, South America, HK, Taiwan area, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.Among our products, wrinkle-erasing & anti-aging series, hydrating & whitening series, increscent & lifting breast series and slimming series are the most outstanding, receiving great recognition at home and abroad."
Skin Care - Other Skin Care Products
China Livepro (Guangzhou) Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Link Tool:
China Skin Care - China Other Skin Care Products

Contact Person:
Ms. xiaojie zheng
Zip Code:

No. 5, Industrial Road, Donghua Industrial District, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Google Map:
Livepro (Guangzhou) Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Map
Trade Leads:
Livepro (Guangzhou) Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Trade Leads
Relate Products: Livepro (Guangzhou) Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Products


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  2. I found a similar product.The Olay blueberry & pomegranate 30 second dispel horniness whiten & moisten dead-skin remover. It has this weird and suspicious gel-like texture to it


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