Monday, February 13, 2012

Cappuccino Chronicles - The Attic in Parkhurst

Lindt Chocolate Mousse & Hazelnut Tart :
Kamal picked this - it had a great sharp, distinctive rich chocolate flavour and wasn't too"heavy". The base was perfect.

Spiced Carrot & Coconut Sponge with Pecans

- Super moist Carrot Cake - great taste - the icing was very nice but a bit sweet for me (and this is coming from me - Poster Child for Dessert)

Melon Green Tea - I didn't taste much melon but a nice refreshing Green Tea. The most fascinating thing is their "tea decanter contraption". So fancy pants and snazz.I'm not sure if it some sort of modern day gaiwan. Will be sure to take a picture the next we visit The Attic

Cappuccino - great taste but no foam art which was sad and the biscotti was so bleh - like cardboard.

Service was good and friendly, but shame you could tell they were tired after a super long day - would like to try it out again to taste the food.

I nabbed the pics off the JhbLive site.

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