Monday, February 27, 2012


This is my BlackBerry . It has been through a lot. I've put it against the Cheesy Gym Bag in the hopes that  it looks a bit better. Lol, I could lie and say I set it on airplane mode , threw it up in the air and discover that it is the Worst. Transformer. Ever. I've dropped this phone many many times and it's looked like this for some time and functions at almost 100% (it doesn't read the memory card). I used to be Sony Ericsson Fan (still am I think) - I still have all my old Sony's and they've helped me out when the BB blacked out.

I'm thinking of switching again - perhaps back to Sony or to "the dark side" - the iPhone. I put it out there - and even though people upgraded to the new BB bold - most wanted an iPhone. Also a tech savvy cousin mentioned that the Samsung is tops at the moment - I know he's right but brand loyalty and brand desire (in terms of the iPhone) are both clouding my judgement a bit.

iPhone vs BlackBerry vs Android

The iPhone has spawned a website dedicated to its infamous "auto-corrects". An AutoCorrect is now a noun the same way BBM is now an accepted verb.

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  1. If you’re going to buy a new phone, I say stick with Blackberry! Since you’ve had one for a long time, it’s the one you’ll be most used to. Even if the model and its OS are newer, you’ll still be able to adjust to a new Blackberry phone quicker than you would in a different brand, since you’re already familiar with it.


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