Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis Time

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Excellent Book I picked up from Skoobs. Change of Perspective -
A must read! Great way of learning to let go. It may seem anarchist from the title but it's not at all

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Excellent Read that I nicked from my Kilomanjaro climbing sister.You can get it
on Amazon

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Still busy making my way through this. I usually motor my way through a book in a day or two. This is a great read so far.

Through the process of reading these books and going through a change in my life the past two years : I know I'm going to be great and I am grateful for the life I am presently reading. Yes sometimes work leaves me exhausted but I get to do at work  as I please , I get to blog - I even visited my parents at lunch (which I do every day) and conked out for an afternoon power nap. It takes me 15 minutes of traffic free driving to get to work. I have a secure job that mind you , has benefits but drives me up the wall and I'm building my aesthetic brand as well. So I'm "sort-of" living the life. I just didn't appreciate for a while.

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The old car. I miss it :(. Anyway see what happened

Not sure why the "mags" were fab but the husband said  they were -19" CLS AMG - I have no idea really.
I still don't really understand much about mags and why some are cool and why some are not.

After our trip to Thailand and seeing how the people lived there . I decided that instead of supporting this car (petrol and
insurance) I am going to get a small dinky car - save money for holidays and personal branding. I know you can have it all
but I decided to get practical with the car. Also I couldn't believe I got to buy one of the cars that I'd always dreamed of buying and amazingly I bought and when I did , well it's great for a while but then again it's only a car. Also I gained a bit of inspiration from the "monk who sold his Ferrari". After I sold the car I realized that I'm not much of a "monk" - I really missed the car but there was something in the book that stuck with me. "On your death bed you'll never say - oh I wished I spent more time at work" - it was something like that. Really puts things in perspective.

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