Monday, November 1, 2010

The Bermuda triangle has a wormhole in the depths of my Snake-skin bag


I have been irresponsible.I don't know what I've done with my car keys. They are not in my husband's car , they are not in any of their usual hiding places at home , I hope I haven't locked them in my car. I can't find my spare car keys.The car is full of Restylane. I had to phone my daddy to fetch me and bring me to work. Yip . . . and I'm only a smidgeon away from thirty. *ENORMOUS SIGH*

UPDATE: I think I left my keys in Craighall Park (long story) or they are in the car's cubby(also long story, which may or may not have been a dream). Found spare keys - no battery in the remote. *sigh*. While looking for the spare keys I had found my long lost @homelivingspace gift card and hand-made mosaic tiles that I have been looking for #silverlining:). #Bonus : hubby is driving me to work :)

UPDATE: Woohoo! Delirious, manic laughter. The keys have been found . . .in the hubby's car. Who knows where they were wedged. Yey!


  1. oooi old age is a creeping up on you my friend.

  2. the big three O is coming ever closer


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