Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheap Trick! Brace yourself!

This is not me!
Want an instant eye boost without breaking the bank? What do you do with extremely puffy Prada-bagged eyes and you're a broke student or it's that time of the month that forces you to live like a broke student. Pop two teaspoons in the fridge or freezer (depends how brave you are) and then place them on your blazing, baggy eyes fro a few minutes. Refreshing! Brace yourself -it'd damn cold but it does the trick.

Another great trick is to steep two Green Tea bags (organic, unbleached bags -it's not  pricey ). Cool the bags and Voila! Instant anti-oxident boost and de-puffing of eyes. You can even use the Green Tea bag with mint - extra refreshment!

An Oldie but Goldie - Cucumber Slices - pop them on cold. Have you heard of Tulsi leaves ? - it's a type of Basil widely used by Hindus in religious cermonies and sometimes as part of sweet dishes that are offered as part of prayers. It grows really well in South Africa and not that difficult to find. Dip the leaves in cold milk, place on your tired lids and relax.
Tulsi leaves

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