Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Dior Peeling Lumiere

Hi Anjana,

How are you doing? Enjoying your blog:)
I know that you have blogged about chemical peels. Do you know about Dior products?
My sister swears by this (her skin is lovely!) in place of a peel.
Just curious if you know about it specifically for brown people?

Chat soon,
Thanks S! I'm okay, How are you?
 It’s more of a micro-dermabrasion exfoliant than a straight-out peel -that's how it would primarily resurface the skin -a micro-granular rinse-off treatment sweeps away skin dullness and boosts cell renewal. It has a low dose of salicylic acid plus the mineral micro-crystals. The exfoliation is very superficial and the results transient.

It's like an expensive, refined facial scrub with a tiny bit of beta acid that you leave on for a minute. No doubt it's gentle as it has to be used 3 x a week - although over use of any exfoliator can give you post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Glycolic peels (alpha peels up to 40%) should be safe for Indian skin  as are TCA peels. We (Brown people) should not do Phenol peels. With the RegimA “peel and heel” 40%  the most I've had it on is an hour. That was done once every two weeks and then once every month. The Dior should be fine for brown skin as the granules are small and smooth and the "peel" is super mild and because your sister uses it religiously her great skin is maintained.

There’s going to be many more posts on peels though. Thanks for reading and look out for them!

Hope that helped!

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