Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For the sake of completeness - Finally the ever elusive PART 4! Restylane Fillers!

Restylane - R2500 (syringe)
Perlane    - R3500 (syringe)

This includes:

o   Perioral lines around the mouth caused by smokin
o   Oral commissures
o   Forehead lines
o   Nasolabial lines
o   Restoration of facial volume
o   Facial and acne scars

Lip sculpting -R2600 (lasts 6-9 months)

This includes :
·        Definition and contouring of the lip borders
·        Erasing of vertical wrinkles at the lip borders
·        Reduce vertical wrinkles on the lips
·        Desire fuller lips
·        Improve lip symmetry
·        Restore the sensuality of their lips

Facial Rejuvenation

All fillers used are Restylane fillers , a non-animal, stabilized (using patented NASHA technology) hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the dermis of the skin. A topical anaesthic is used, in addition to a dental block with some treatments. The filler also contains lidocaine.
Fantastic offers !
The Restylane Vital treatment is usually R3250-3500 per a treatment (in a course of 3 treatments). If booked and paid for on the night (full course of treatment must be booked and paid for) a massive discount of 28%. That is R2520 a treatment!.
With the lip augmentation and sculpting if booked and payed for in November.

  3 x upper and lower Treswhite trays to take home
     29g Opalescence toothpaste

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