Monday, November 8, 2010

Rambling Rapid-Fire response .Excuse any bad grammar and random statements - the response was thumped onto the keyboard while I had an increasingly flushed and indignant look on my face while my husband looked on, bemused.

This was my incensed response to someone on another online community (beauty,make-up etc) that I belong to who said that doctors like the ones on Dr 90210 are responsible for the way we feel about ourselves and point out our flaws to us and that's why people go in for cosmetic surgery.

"There is a huge difference between Jocelyn Wildenstein and the fabulous Kim Kardashian. Jocelyn , the previously beautiful,still- rich socialite  has a serious case of body dysmorphia and also wanted to emulate a cat (in her eyes that was beautiful). Of course you will get a handful of unscrupulous surgeons out there who are willing to modify you.
Kim on the other hand wanted to tweak her look a bit. She had a bit of nose refinement , chemical facial sculpting (botox in your masseter –jaw muscle), naso labial dermal filler, recent botox , velashape treatments ( for cellulite) and a bit of filler for her cheek bones – very subtle and mostly non-surgical enhancements.
As a doctor/dentist plus non-surgical aesthetic practioner I get quite offended when people say that doctors point out flaws. They don’t! We get our ideas of beauty from our upbringing, society, cultural background, ethnic norms , media and with the advent of globalization what is considered attractive is morphing.
When you consult a surgeon or an aesthetic doc , you are asked what is it that concerns you, what  is important to you. We can’t tell you do this and that. Ethically we have a duty to advise and identify body dysmorphia.
Also Dr Rey and Dr Diamond (90210-real) are very different from Dr Troy (Nip/tuck -fiction). Yes surgery is gross to watch, I admit it but that’s surgery.
Why are they Wonderbras? Why are they fake squishy fillers that you can stuff into your bra? You want to look like you have bigger boobs! Why is that?
What about Kim in the before and after make-up and hair? What is make-up and contouring with bronzing – it’s us creating an illusion to enhance ourselves, so we look and feel good. Why are we all on this site- because we appreciate beauty and the fun of make-up and lotions and potions. Anti-aging creams, mascara , blusher , hot red lipstick – why do these things exist and why do we buy them?"


This is how she looked in the 70's

Janice Dickinson -Crazy America's Next Top Model Lady

Jackie Stallone (Sly's Mum)

Joan Rivers -I think she's in her 70s

Kim dressed as a cat- why Jocelyn why?


Before and after enhancements

Make-up vs No Make-up


  1. It may not be politically correct to say so, but I think Joan Rivers' after picture is better than the before. She's pushing 80 and yes, obviously she's had work done, but it's a trade-off - plastic surgery or look like Barbara Bush. I'd choose the former.

  2. I don't actually think it's politically incorrect to say so.You know this was actually the first Joan Rivers "before" pic I've seen and I do agree a little bit with you on that but her surgery is quite excessive and isn't exactly aesthetic.Having said that the business that she is in is highly competitive and a lot of value is placed on youthful looks and back then non-surgical aesthetic intervention wasn't the first choice and surgical techniques and outcomes were different.But she does host Fashion Police at her age and the way she looks is her "thing"! The feature that really throws me off though is her nose, it's the deal breaker - maybe not in this particular pic but I can't help but focus on it when I watch her on TV

    If you look at Cher - even though she has had a lot done, it's done well. It's a balance between art and science

  3. I love Joan Rivers!! I think she looks great. If having cosmetic surgical procedures done makes her feel better about herself and gives her confidence, then I say she go for it. She has the money to do it and in her industry it's a must to stay looking young forever and is common place to go under the knife to look younger. She's not ashamed of it and even makes fun of herself for doing so.
    Although, some of the others that were mentioned should have just said no to plastic surgery. They look down right scary and looked better in the before shots.


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