Monday, March 19, 2012

Au revoir, passer de bonnes vacances - I will thanks!

Ahhhh much needed holiday in Camps Bay. So hubby and I have been married for 3 years and to celebrate we're taking a much-needed break and flying off to Camps Bay which has been described as a sort-of-yuppy-chic-village-by-the-ocean. They only have 1 hotel which is 5 star (the Bay) which I tried to book but well they were fully booked but kindly sent my enquiry out and !BANG! last week Monday morning there was a flood of emails from various guesthouses.How nice of the Bay Hotel - I didn't have to do any work! I was glad because we love Bed and Breakfast Guest Houses.

I picked Bateleur Rontree (it was a five minute decision and so were the flights). Well it was the first email I received so I just went with it. Usually I research and plan ahead and buy a travel guide and trawl This time I was impulsive and all I knew was I want to go to the Biscuit Mill and have some sort of treatment from the Twelve Apostles spa's complicated menu. The hubby tried to book that as a surprise but he didn't know what to choose from the treatment menu. I don't know what to choose from the menu!

I usually ask Nisha from Flying Buddha  to organize holidays but she advised me that for local trips it's much cheaper to do it on your own (so honest!) - but she is the best for any flights and for any overseas travel. Anyway I won't be blogging for about two weeks .

I am so happy ! Hubby hasn't been to Cape Town and I haven't been for a holiday. We've been to the Cape together  for a vacation- Nature's Valley , Plett, Knysa and thereabouts but not to Cape Town for a good proper holiday. I've been twice for a wedding, once for some oral microbiology conference and we stayed at the Vineyard ( which is beautiful and also in Green Point at a really snazz hotel whose name totally escapes me - we surfed in Muizenberg and went to lots of nice places  but it definitely wasn't a holiday! Oh yes the hotel was called the Rockwell All Suite Hotel, although we also went to Mandela Rhodes Place ( and O on Kloof (

We'll prance about in Camp's Bay

Be Jealous

Where we will be staying

Property in Camp's Bay is the most expensive in the country. OMW look at the massive homes

I think this is where breakfast is nommed

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