Friday, March 2, 2012

Feeling Human again

I wasn't quite there yet

As I write this the skin of my leg still smarts a bit from the fab leg wax I had about 5 minutes ago. But the little tingles don't bother me. Woohoo happy,smooth skin.

Oh and my eyebrows! What Shame - I was starting to look like a Werewolf in Limbo.So I BBM'd (with my broken phone) Amisha who does all my threading and waxing.

Have you heard of threading?
It is the ancient technique of threading, which is used to remove unwanted hair. Originated by both Indians and Persians, threading is great for shaping eyebrows, as well as removing unwanted hair on the face. It’s a great alternative to waxing, which can miss smaller hairs (peach fuzz), and damage skin’s elasticity after long term use. Since threading only uses a piece of cotton thread, there are no chemicals present is an ancient Indian method that removes hair with cotton string. Also the tiniest and shortest hairs can be targeted with sniper-like accurancy.

This is not Amisha - just a smiling, threading girl

 Many people of other races and cultures brave the craziness of Fordburg's Mint Road to get de-fuzzed. Both men and women thread and get threaded there. You can find someone to de-fuzz you at midnight at the Mint Road Square. 

Well I go to Amisha from Amisha's Beauty Lounge (Amisha: 072 307 2043 or who has been shaping my brows for the past 8 years now. I've been getting my face and brow's threaded for about 12 years. She always makes sure that they are perfect . I believe that threading is the only way to get those perfect brows that open up your face and make your eyes pop (in a good way - not in a horror movie way). Even though I know how to thread my brows I prefer going to a professional- I was thinking while Amisha was shaping them " I hope she never moves away!". A good tip when choosing someone (especially for your brows) is to have a look at their brows. They tend to recreate the same type of brow they have.

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