Friday, March 16, 2012

My oldest sister's second Brazilian experience - a good one this time

I would like to thank Woman at Work and Hairitage Hairdresser in Brackenhurst Tel no.011 8677001 or 011 8670773 for the Brazilian that I have won. Nadine was excellant and there was such a friendly and cosy atmosphere at Hairitage.(corner of Hennie Alberts and Chrissie Street, Brackenhurst) Attached is a photo of my hair before and after the Brazilian Blow wave I had. I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks once again Nadine from HAIRITAGE for the excellent work you did on my hair.


Mini :)))



So my sister's hair still looks great and she is sooooo happy about the results!Her hair feels great! She couldn't stop saying how nice they were and how comfy it was at Hairitage. So I think I'm going to pop by and try them to. They actually gave away a 100 free cut and blow wave/dry treatments at the last Woman at Work event!

Also the Brazilian they did for my sister is the proper one - you can wash and tie up your hair immediately. The last time I went for a Brazilian  it was a so-so experience but the ladt who did it was a lovely person but the Brazilian thing didn't work out for me at the time - yoy can read about the experience  here  and  here as well as  here.

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  1. I washed my hair and it was just as straight without blow drying or using the GHD. LOVE IT!


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