Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't let it happen to you! Avoid trout pout!

Full, luscious lips are the hallmark of youth and sensuality. There's just something alluring about them. Lip augmentations are one of my favourite procedures

My Luscious Lotus Lip Augmentation© using non-animal origin, stabilized hyaluronic acid, namely the über -filler Restylane sculpts and plumps your lips to pure perfection.

 My Cinderella Lip Treatment – using Bacterostatic saline or a non-cross linked Hyaluronic acid filler - this look lasts up to 48 hours (2 weeks if the HA non-cross linked filler is used) and no, once it wears off you won't turn into a pumpkin. This treatment gives you a preview if you’re a bit nervous to try Restylane right away

As tempting as it is to plump them up, the best is to start small to avoid looking like a carp. Please do not insist on obliterating your cupids bow- it may look hot on Bridget Bardot sometimes but it really isn’t very attractive. Bee-stung is hot, looking like a carp is not.



Tarina Patel's Mishap

Tarina Patel - over-filled upper lip

Tarina. It's best not to have an augmnentation on the day of a big event or even the day before. The swelling can be unpredictable and asymmetrical.

Natural results with Restylane

The Golden proportion- do not over-plump your top lip. Some people naturally have a fuller upper lip
or an upper lip that is a bit larger than the lower lip. This must be kept in mind when doing a lip augmentations.
As well as the patient's other features.


  1. question: If one has their lips plumped up.. is it a once off thing or do you have to have continue treatments?

  2. Hi, it depends on the implant material - some are permanent, semipermanent or temporary (like Restylane and other Hyaluronic Acid fillers that last 6-9 months in the lips). My Advice is to go with Hyaluronic Acid fillers. I think I will do a blog post on it.

  3. This is a beautiful piece of guidance.yes there are many woman who mess up the lips applying a bit too much of the product and thinking that it would work well for their lips.They sometimes land up looking very ridiculous.


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