Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Lush Lashes - Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer - New Formula

Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer
What is does this product do?

The Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer is a unique eyelash treatment which is used to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. This unique product delays the fall out of lashes and promotes immediate growth. In just three to eight weeks you will experience stronger, longer and more beautiful lashes.

What is unique about this product?

The Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer is the only eyelash enhancing product on the market based on Growth Factor technology and does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients – making it readily available to you without prescription.

Due to the fact that Growth Factors are naturally occurring in your own body they have no side affects and do not cause skin discolouration (this is a problem with the prescription product Latisse) or redness of the eyes.

The Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer adopts an airless pump technology which reduces contact with the air.

How do I use this product?

Directions for use:

•Clean your hands with soap and water
•Ensure eye area is clean and dry
•Pump one drop of Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer onto the tip of your finger or cotton bud
•Gently apply the product to the upper and lower eyelids at the point where the eyelash meets the hair follicle.
•Leave on for at least four hours

Lashes before treatment. They are long already but lashes can never be
too long, hey?

Length of lash in comparison to thumbnail

A before pic of a sad, lonely,fallen lash

Lalalalalala(high angelic C-notes) -the light is blinding from the new
re-formulated Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer

The lovely rep from Lamelle, Judy, gave me a sample of the brand-spanking new re-formulation of the Dermaheal Eyelash Enhancer which promises to deliver results faster than before. Thank you Judy

I've been using it for a week exactly and well, they are not drag-queen long yet ( I mean, I'm not deluded)  but they definitely look healthier and because lash fall-out is indeed delayed, my lashes look fuller if not longer.

I like the pump design - this avoids contamination by a gloopy Mascara brush. There is no need to push down fully (too much product comes out). I just gave the dispenser half a pump and applied the product onto a cotton bud and applied to my top and bottom lashes. You can also apply it to your eyebrow if you like. The product is absorbed relatively quickly so you can even apply eye make-up and mascara. I'll do an update after 3 weeks but so far I'm quite liking it.


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