Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sinzinani Open Day 2010

This was my very first open day at Sinzinani Day Spa at the absolutely gorgeous Thaba ya Batswana. It was absolutely massive with over 200 people enjoying a fun night out of pampering and cocktails.  

The winners of the Restylane and Opalescence
Millners Dental sponsored two 15% Trewhite kits as prizes and the wonderful people from Conquest surgical sponsored 5 amazing filler prizes ( total cost over R16000!) as well as all the products used for the demos. I was doing demos and answering questions from 4PM to 10Pm, it was exhausting but loads of fun. There's no sign of me in the pics - I was too busy!

The prizes and products. Besides the treatment winners
also received an awesome goodie bag with a mirror, snazzy eye mask,
make-up bag and a Hyaluronic Acid After Care Creme

The Opalescence

The Restylane prizes sponsored by Conquest Surgical

Naso Labial Folds with Restylane Lidocaine



Naso labial fold (patient was concerned about the line near her mouth and not really the entire naso-labial fold) using Perlane Lidocaine



The Naso-Labial folds and the Marionette lines using Perlane


 A demo using the Restylane Vital Pen Injector on Smoker's lines
A Before

After : Lines are softened. Ideally this treatment must be repeated on a monthly basis for 3 months and thereafter every 6- 12 months

Naso-labial folds using Perlane Lidocaine


Some of the winners that evening

Tanya Dimas and Toni Mackeral (the owners of Sinzinani Day Spa)
Giving away the Restylane Prizes

Check out their  website http://www.sinzinani.co.za/ for treatments. they have twelve therapists (don't steal mine  ; ) Ashleigh and Happiness) and Tamsyn,Bianca and Sue can help make your bookings.

Below are some pics I took last week while waiting for a patient. Just showing off the Scenic views.

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