Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love Fascinators!

I love fascinators whether they're in season or not. Here I wore one
to a wedding in Mid-January (2011). My blouse - I did that to it myself

I wore that ring (on my finger -just in case you think otherwise) and those two clips to create a a Fascinator-esque look

Love it!

I decorated the blouse myself, which I'm totally proud of. See how the blouse looked
before by scrolling down

Lace,satin and feathers

This is a fan I made (like the peacock one) from scratch.I
did not use it at the wedding , that would have been too much!

The back of the fan

The back of the Blouse. This made my mum laugh -She said I look like
"like a small chicken"

Oops, tell-tale signs of gold. You couldn't see this once I had worn the blouse

See the gold blouse with the frills - that's how the blouse looked a
week before and I changed it up to the feather blouse.
 So from gold and Cobalt to silver and pink and white.Click on the pics to enlarge the image.Why
did I do this? I had a blouse made for the pink sari (adapted from a Kim Kardashian dress) but
it was very badly sewn and I was desperate so I improvised.

Love it!




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