Monday, February 14, 2011

How new is this, really?

Ovita HV is a new quality hyaluronic acid that has been introduced to the market this week.  It is the “next generation” injectable filler that combines immediate, long lasting results with little or no downtime and minimal side effects ?What sets Ovita HV apart is the development of Thiofix , a unique cross linking protein which maximizes its durability, while minimizing its swelling properties.  Because of its thick consistency, it will be an excellent choice if you are thinking of enhancing your cheeks, chin or augmenting your naso-labial folds.  The gel is naturally absorbed into the skin, allowing it to retain moisture and regenerate soft tissue resulting in smooth, more youthful looking skin. How different is this from Restylane's innovative NASHA technology?

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  1. I really appreciated your posted article it gives enormous benefits.


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