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Beauty Bulletin Reviews Part 2

Beauty Bulletin Goodie Bag 1 Review

Thanks again to the guys from the Beauty Bulletin for sending me these products and the products from the review:part 1.

Nailene Skinny Tip French Tip Pen

Confession : I suck at doing my own nails. Toes? Okay those are eazy-peazy (yes I know easy is does not have a Z in it). My fingernails are a different story. I usually have them done -from express manis to those luxuriously long manicures I love(luuuurve) getting them done - a great chat with the therapist, a feeling of being pampered and effortlessy,glossy nails at the end of it  -what's not to love?

When I try to do it myself , the nails on my left look great- perfectly and evenly coated with a smooth veneer of nail polish. The nails on my right hand - DISASTER! Haphazard stippling  with mottled blebs of Essie-gooeyness may best describe them.

So you may understand my reluctance at trying the Nailene Kit. I had tried a similar product by Sally Hansen previously and what a dismal disappointment that was. That was like daubing grey,watered-down Tippex.  I was pleasantly surprised with this product and my deft application skills aided by ease of use.

Okay, so the application is demi-perfect.

 The tip color has a pearlescent,silvery sheen to it that looks quite elegant in different lighting - it shimmers but it's not glitzy. There is no over-powering nail polish smell and it dries really quickly. I applied three coats of the clear top coat (I wash my hands a lot -Dentist-ness) that also dried super fast. I was impressed at the opacity of the pearl white tip , it can easily be applied over a colour (blue,fushia, pale pink) for an edgy or different look. Also the tip doesn't get squished when you apply the not-at-all-runny nail-polish. Geez can I say apply one more time? All in all I'd say it's a good product at a good price.

First by Van Cleef & Arpels
 I really tried, I did. I did all the right things - layered the fragrance gently, applied it to all the "pulse-points",running through the mist of the fragrance and tracking its changing scent throughout the day. I just can't like it , I just can't. I even pretended for a short time , while going through a spell of bronchitis, that the fragrance "grew on me" and its "muted-by-my-stuffy-nose" bouquet please me. It hit home when my husband said I smelled "Ouma-rig" - directly translated that should mean I smelled grandma-ish. I know this is a classic frangrance and a grand scent that should epitomize sophistication and romance but perfume is  highly personal . The choice of perfume as well as how the scent morphs once it comes into contact with your unique chemistry.
I'm more of a sensual (*blush,blush*) and/or fresh fragrance kind of girl. I like uplifting scents. I found First a bit heavy and "perfumey" especially for our sweltering Summers. It also smelt a bit like cheap soap and dying Hyacinths. Although I did like how it grew subtly sweeter as it developed during the day with warm,sweet amber and a soft Vanilla. Also I couln't discern the Jasmine in the scent. My parents have many Jasmine plants that burst into bloom and give off that intoxicating,heady scent that I love.
This is the low-down on FIRST. First was the fragrance that marked the inception of Jean –Claude Ellena’s great career. First is focused around jasmine, its rich sunny sweetness accented with the glittering effect of the aldehydes and the emerald green vibrancy of blackcurrant bud. The aldehydes, however, are a light touch merely emphasizing the lustre of the composition and lending an elegant twist to the luxurious blossoms in the heart of First. The rainfall of soft flower petals is set alight by the radiance of Hedione, a material which has a subtle scent on its own, but in combination with flower notes, especially jasmine, its dazzling qualities are brought to life. The flowers kissed by Hedione unfold in translucent layers, with the composition preserving its clarity, while attaining wonderful complexity.
The base of the composition evokes the feeling of being bathed in the sunlight, with its honey drizzled warmth of amber and sandalwood. Contained in the flacon inspired by Van Cleef & Arpels pendant, First is the fragrant jewel of stunning elegance. That is what they say, it's just not for me.

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  1. Interesting article!!
    Never knew activated charcoal could do so much good to my skin! Definitely will try the activated charcoal & green tea soap for skin brightening & pimples.


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