Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pictures Galore: Cheap stuff . . . ahem, inexpensive,stuff-on-sale stuff

I actually popped into the Dischem on Christmas Eve to get a shower cap to protect my newly keratinized a la Brazilian hair . . . and I came out with all this other stuff. I don't know if the word 'sale' sets off some sort of chemical reaction or if it was the allure of the acid bright make-up but I just started taking stuff!It didn't really matter that I have a tower of MAC at home, I really don't need this stuff but what the hey, hey? Also I have just acquired a brand-new nail polish fetish after being bored stiff by years of conventional French Manis.

Woohoo Green Lantern Corps!

Okay the Michellori is not that cheap, hehe

This stuff had really good longevity and chip resistance.This is with no base or top coat.
 Apply a good quality base and top coat for even better results

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