Monday, December 20, 2010

"Million Lashes" Lash Millionaire - Dead Broke Disappointment

What they say:

1) The revolutionary millionizer brush
The revolutionary millionizer brush is an elastomer applicator that is based on the latest generation of mascara brushes. The brush is ultra-flexible and thickens every eyelash thanks to a multitude of supple, fine bristles that catch and generously envelop each eyelash with colour. The Million Lashes brush features three times more bristles than the average number of eyelashes, so put simply, a multitude of bristles gives a multitude of lashes! Every lash is thickened, intensified and enhanced to visually maximise the entire eyelash fringe… with no lash left behind! The result? Luxuriously intense eyes that smoulder with perfectly defined and voluptuously thick lashes… it’s the volume jackpot!

2) An excess wiper
All excess formula is now removed prior to application thanks to the Extra-Volume Collagene Million Lashes’ new anti-clump wiper. Made from stretch material , the wiper adjusts to every bristle removing unwanted formula, resulting in a clump-free, defined volume finish. No overload and no clumps… just clean volumised definition.

3) The easy-to-apply and no-clump formula
The easy-to-apply and no-clump formula of Extra-Volume Collagene Million Lashes becomes instantly fluid upon application. The formula wraps the lashes with a smooth and uniform film without any clumps. The unique formula also contains an anti-sticking agent which sits on top of the mascara’s formula meaning lashes won’t stick together throughout wear.

How does Extra-Volume Collagene Million Lashes differ from classic Extra-Volume Collagene?
L’Oréal Paris Extra-Volume Collagene offered a large classic bristle brush and collagen-enriched formula for an extreme volumising mascara that gives lashes 12 times the volume. Alternatively, Extra-Volume Collagene Million Lashes features a new-generation millionizer brush, excess wiper and anti-clump formula to deliver intense, yet clean, volume and individual, lash-by-lash separation for millionized lashes.


Overall rating: 
3.0   (1)
3.0   (1)
2.0   (1)

Loreal and Maybelline remain my favourite brands for Mascara. That being said this Mascara doesn't exactly do what it claims to do. It is heavily scented-old school mascara smell. The wand is relatively large ( as with most volumizing Mascaras). The formula while being deliciously dark is a bit runny for a volumizing Mascara, so the effect is spider-legs versus glorious , sensuous , come-hither volume. It offers decent lengthening though. My lashes tended to clump together as well instead of the promised fan-like separation - I think this is from the formula being on the runny side. It didn't "clump" but my lashes stuck together. I was sad *sigh*. The packaging is awesome though - love the gold.


The Experience The experience was poor ( oh what a bad play on words on my part). Perhaps my expectations were to high after watching the mesmerizing CGI-ed lashes that Eva Longoria fluttered on TV

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