Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I whip my hair back and forth (because I have to)

The Brazilian Blowout (or the Brazilian Keratin Treatment , so smooooooth)

Yes , someone thought ( I will not mention names), That when I said I was going for a BB, that it meant *ahem, cough,cough* that "down there" was going to get styled.

A few hours after the BB - woo so smooth!

Before the BB: With some Sparkler on,freshly washed and just left "to be"

Sandra whittling The Knot down. Yey!

Freshly shampooed with clarifying shampoo


Very Shiny

Shiny plus the colour of my hair looks much richer than normal
I only remember my hair looking this colour when I was four when my hair was super smooth

Sulphate-free Shampoo (Check my self-mosaiced table*brag,brag*).
I checked the ingredients- it has Sodium Chloride in it! Now what?

Leave in conditioner -optional
I'm just posting the pictures for now as I'm still recovering from post-festive laziness and my blog post on the BB is still percolating. Hey. at least I'm honest!


  1. Looks soft n smooth...When can I touch it???

  2. I wasn't thrilled with mine becos it didn't last the full 3 months. And then they blamed it on my pregnancy hormones. So mad! how come they didn't tell me that BEFORE I did it? In the beginning my hair looked much thinner, but I have thin hair. Have u washed ur hair yet? It looks a bit better after a wash or two.

  3. Lol one of my friends thought I was going to wax my hair lol!

  4. Lol Sadz, I don't know.I'm not so impreesed hey Liza. I didn't expect it to stay straight after the first wash but I expected it to be a bit silkier. I'll post something else tomorrow on it. Maybe beacuse you live near the coast (the sodium). I don't know how your hormones can effect your hair - it's not a living cell, maybe at follicle level but not your ends

  5. Oh mine was dead straight from the beginning. Mine was silky after a few washes, so maybe that'll still come. Didn't they tell you not to wash your hair for a few days and leave the keratine in? Its sooo grose and oily yuck! They told me an...d my friend to do that. We went to different hair dressers. Could be about the coast... but apparently only me and another pregnant lady complained (her's lasted 2 weeks). This from Carlton hair... arg! It helped me loads in winter while it did work... i had such bad frizz it was awful! The constant rain in CT makes it impossible to have a decent hair day in winter. Could it be the water? Our water here is awful! i only drink mineral.See More


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